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21 January 2012 @ 12:45 pm

A comment ficathon dedicated to the women who shape the story.  A villainess is any woman who is simply not "good", whether she plays the traditional roles of protagonist or antagonist, whether she narrates her own story (Cersei Lannister, to use an example from the banner) or is seen through the lens of someone else's (Bellatrix Black).  She can be fictional, historical, contemporary; from the books, from the movies, from music: if she's a villainous woman, she's in!

Simple: leave a comment with fandom, character name, and prompt.  The prompt can be anything, from a line of poetry or a song lyric, to a quote directly from the woman herself, to a fic you've always wanted written about her.  Anything goes!

Reply to the prompt comment with your fic.  In the subject line, put the title of your fic, the characters in it, and rating; be sure to include any pertinent trigger warnings.  Then link to your fill in the "filled" thread!

Please feel more than free to promote the ficathon! You can use the banner above or make your own (and if you do, tell me so I can post it here).  If you're using the above banner, here's the code for LJ promotion:

the business of benefiting hussiesmarketchippie on January 23rd, 2012 03:15 am (UTC)
BY BLOOD OR INK | cruel intentions (kathryn) | pg-13
That's what's gonna win you a postmortem Pulitzer, Sebastian? she thinks, dog-earing another page of xeroxed journal. That all you got?

He is exactly the kind of jackass to put literary allusions in every page—you don't keep a journal this in-depth without having some kind of delusions of publication, and you don't die this young without knowing the aesthetic gloss it'll leave behind.

(An accident? Fuck that. She knows him better. He did everything on purpose. Sloppy, sometimes, yeah, he left holes, left himself wide open in them, didn't have her pressing need to cover tracks, but damn it—he meant everything he did.)

They buried him in tweed and leather, only leaving out the sunglasses, and she breathed asshole, you fucking asshole as she read the funeral advertisement. No tears. The ink was smudged enough already. And then she set into reading, rereading, fucking memorizing this journal, like you memorize poetry, or more accurately like you memorize a lover. That's the point, here.

She's shaking her head as she turns the page, crumpling the corner. Like fucking Casanova's million-volume diaries. (Sebastian had bought them on discount. They're still somewhere in his room. He'd never touched them—she had.) Fat chance, Sebastian. Casanova had a million women in equanimity, even Byron did. But all she sees on these pages is—

Well, no, see, and if it was just one, it would be romantic (pathetic, she snorts, but—objectively, she defends to herself).

Just one. But there's another one all over her. The bitch in the Xerox and the bitch who did the Xeroxing, as it were.

This bitch runs her finger along the edges, demarcating the corners with the shadow of her nail polish and thinks about what comes next. Trip out to the summer house, yes, take a weekend but not a week, don't look weak. She's got backup plans up to here; she could've called Mommy by now and got her lawyer's number, sued Morality Blaise for libel so fucking hard, and she'd get it, too, or at least would get the blonde begging. But she doesn't like bringing in outside players. Not now. There was exactly one other person worth playing on her field, and now he's—

A legacy, is what, and of shitty writing.

Standing, she slips her feet out from under her and leaves the pages on the table, going to get ready for a weekend of rest, relaxation, and no-one-there-to-say-a-fucking-word. Guess what: she's packing her laptop first.

As if she was ever cut out to be a muse.
michelemiss_mishi on January 23rd, 2012 04:12 am (UTC)
Re: BY BLOOD OR INK | cruel intentions (kathryn) | pg-13
ISABEL oh my god

this is like

exactly what I wanted but a million gajillion times better than I could have ever expected

it's just so fucking good

that's what it is

battling lady sorceress: an unholy mess of a girljeynebesterling on January 23rd, 2012 04:40 am (UTC)
Re: BY BLOOD OR INK | cruel intentions (kathryn) | pg-13
you are my favorite
its you
o little icarusyon_lougawou on January 23rd, 2012 05:51 am (UTC)
Re: BY BLOOD OR INK | cruel intentions (kathryn) | pg-13

so kathryn
so perfect
(the last line, tho)