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02 February 2012 @ 03:47 pm
you dress me in the dream you made  
Bored-in-class OUAT Queen/Huntsman ficlet.  I haven't watched this show in a month, fml, why did I write this.  (Might expand? Might try to salvage it for something original? idek)

She selects carefully how she wants her new world to be run.

She carves out spaces for people, and puts them into their places, so carefully, like putting paper clothes on paper dolls.  Here are the children Hansel and Gretel, who rejected a home with her; here is their father, somewhere they can’t all get at each other.  Here is Snow White; she makes a small concession by letting her be a teacher, since she seems to love children so much.  And here is the prince.  (He will fall into a coma, she decides.  Twist the tale around: it won’t be Snow who sleeps, but the prince.)  She puts Princess Abigail’s hand in her own—she knows what it’s like to have Snow White trouble your life.  Perhaps they might be friends.

And here—her eyes flick briefly to her stalwart huntsman, standing guard at her door—here she will be, queen of her new world, and here he will be, beside her.

Maybe she’ll pretend to give him his heart back.  She can do some small kindnesses; she’s learned that much from being queen.  Toss some scraps to the sheep, and they won’t make noise when she tears their throats.

She gets up then, stores her plans for another day, for another world.  “Come here,” she says, and she’d try to say it gently but she can’t get rid of the steel in her voice.  He obeys her, of course; she tugs at the place where his heart was, and he steps forward, closer and closer until she takes him by the wrist.

“Oh, I have such plans for you,” she whispers, and kisses the inside of his wrist, looking up at him all the while.  “But not now.  For now…” She tugs again, beckons his mouth to hers.

She scrapes her teeth along the inside of his lip, and tastes the sweet salt of his blood.

leah rebeccabloodofpyke on February 2nd, 2012 09:13 pm (UTC)
everything about this is perfection, i can't even
the business of benefiting hussies: [ouat] easy loves you keep like petsmarketchippie on February 3rd, 2012 12:37 am (UTC)

god i love them i love her i love smart people not on the writing staff being smart about her i love everything except the show itself but ugh

how i love