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17 July 2020 @ 01:26 am
Sticky Post: Fic Masterlist  
Fandoms listed in alphabetical order, pieces in chronological.  Have fun!

the stone inside you still hasn't hit bottom (Jaime/Cersei, PG-13)
Cersei is breathing into the lion’s ear like she thinks it will bring the beast back to trembling life, and Jaime is pushing his golden hands at her.

for the grand finale (Robb/Sansa, PG-13)
It's good to have wolf's teeth in a business run by lions and dragons; it's good to be a predator in a land where all the prey are eaten alive.

mix the words up with the actions (Betty/Reggie, childhood, G)
When Betty is eleven, she gets her first kiss.

oh, every gang's a bit incestuous (Archie/Betty, Betty/Reggie, Reggie/Veronica, Veronica/Archie, PG-13)
It still sucks, though, because it’s Valentine’s Day. Who gets dumped on Valentine’s Day?

each new morning in heaven (Veronica, PG-13)
But what Veronica loves best of all about flying is landing.

the painful love of being permanently unhoused (Betty/Reggie, zombie apocalypse, PG-13)
They are all on edge, all constantly watching the windows, holding the guns they found in the basement like they used to hold holy books.

songs that say goodbye (Sam, post-movie, PG)
But that affection seems like it belongs to another Sam, the Sam that stopped existing the day an alien fell from the sky and crashed into a car.

there is something under the floorboards (Sam/Moses, post-movie, PG-13)
Every time Sam sees the tarp, something goes wrong inside her, something that she’s not sure can ever go right.

as one loves certain dark things (Lucrezia/Cesare, PG-13)
“I will never lie to you, Lucrezia,” Cesare says. “I swear it.”

selfish hands always expecting more (Mitchie/Luke, Camp Rock 2, PG-13)
But Mitchie needs this, needs to consume and be consumed, and Shane—Shane wants something quiet, she thinks.

our kiss is a secret handshake (Cassel/Lila, post-series, PG-13)
Even though Lila is undeniably, indisputably, unequivocally in control, she still looks at him with a faintly nervous expression, as if she’s afraid he’s going to change his mind.

you wish I was a fairy tale (Victor Mancha/Rose Red, crossover with Runaways, PG-13)
Victor won’t lie, he’s grateful: in the dark, she almost looks like Lillie.

To Grandmother's (Little Red Riding Hood, PG-13)
It's hard for a wolf to control himself around flesh so tender.

The Miraculous Pipe (The Miraculous Pipe, PG-13)
Alionushka has always been jealous of her brother, their parents' favorite, to the degree that she is willing to become violent to get what she wants.

white stones (Hansel and Gretel, PG-13; warning for graphic description)
the crows pluck her eye out when she is young.

mairead (Hansel and Gretel, R)
she doesn't know how long she's been here, to be honest; the days have blurred together in a mess of hands and lips and breadcrumbs and birdsong. and secrets. she can't even remember half of them. she can't remember half of anything.

margaret (Hansel and Gretel, PG-13)
when margaret thinks about the gingerbread house, it feels like a fever dream.

Pearls and Guilt (Hansel and Gretel, PG-13)
there were no breadcrumbs dropped behind them. they didn't want to find their way back home.

Rojeta and Emeric (Little Red Riding Hood, PG-13)
They both had their ways: her big, dark eyes; his toothsome grin. “What big teeth you have,” she would whisper against his cheek; “what big eyes you have,” he would reply, and they would drown in the other’s wanting.

The Lure (Little Red Riding Hood, PG-13)
She is older now, not a child any longer but a woman grown, with the wisdom that comes with such growth as well. When she was a babe in the woods her eyes were big, and now they have no more questions in their irises. She asks no more questions. She looks still for answers.

The Swan Wife (The Swan-Maiden, PG)
He takes her feathers and leaves her with nothing but a name that is not hers.

She is sweet (Hansel and Gretel, PG-13)
They are too young and too naïve to notice her sharp teeth.

Play Pretend (Cinderella, PG-13)
She's Cinderella, and Prince Charming is the devil.

The Grandmother's Tale (Little Red Riding Hood, PG-13)
Once upon a time (he says, and she smiles at the familiar beginning) there was a girl, a beautiful girl.

show you what all that howl is for (Little Red Riding Hood, PG-13)
She will never tell anyone where she goes when she walks into the trees.

what the water gave me (The Little Mermaid, PG)
She will not be insubstantial.

softly stretch the hours (Hansel and Gretel, PG-13)
They see the same things, feel the same things; they have since birth.

Cats and Kittens (The Twelve Dancing Princesses, PG)
Felicia, Valerie, Zelda, Corinne, Bella, Aurelia, Diane, Tessa, Delphine, Doreen, Rose, Ophelia: they tick the names off every day, running through the list of sisters too large to manage otherwise.

Moonshine Blues (Rumpelstiltskin, PG)
He comes in on a train, on a dry, hot day.

and in my dreams began to creep (A Fable of a Bird and Her Chicks, PG-13)
They are such little chicks, as they were such little girls.

to not know how men breathe (The Little Mermaid, PG-13)
She loves all of her treasures no matter what they look like or how they feel, of course, for they are hers and the river gave them to her.

can't say I'm sorry for the things that I've done (The Children From the Sea, PG-13)
Marinette will have the world. Marotte will have nothing but this island and a goat.

sort of wonder why I missed a kiss for you (Santana Lopez, post-series, PG)
Her name is Noelle.

take me to a new land (Mike Chang/Tina Cohen-Chang, PG-13)
The summer after their first Nationals, three weeks before school is supposed to start again, Tina gets into the driver’s seat of the car her parents bought her for her birthday, and Mike follows her all the way to California.


i'm always true to you in my fashion (Daisy Fay/Jay Gatsby, pre-book, PG)
She is far fonder of a bouquet of flowers than the simple words that accompany it; she would rather Jay give her a diamond ring than tell her, so intensely, so seriously, fixing her with a gaze that makes her squirm, that he loves her.

I tighten to refuse your owling eyes (Daisy Buchanan, pre-book, PG)
Pamela, she thinks, looking at the little pale thing with a crown of yellow hair; “Pamela,” she says, when the nurse asks the child’s name, but the baby isn’t any more Pamela, and it isn’t any more hers.

The Lover and the Soldier (Ginny Weasley/Neville Longbottom, Deathly Hallows, PG-13)
In her books, scavenged from her grandmother’s collection, whenever people go off to war, they always talk about how hard it is for the soldier when he leaves. They talk about his lover, worrying at home as she sees him off, and they talk about the tragedy of when he comes home in a body bag. They never talk about what happens if the lover is a soldier, too.

nothing comes of wishing on stars (Muggles, second war, PG)
They're dragged into wars they shouldn't be.

a fire burning out (Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, post-war, PG-13)
It becomes increasingly clear to her, over the years, that Ginny is just an idea to Harry. That he doesn't want to acknowledge the reality of her: the reality that hates the name Albus Severus, the reality that has thoughts and feelings and opinions beyond "what should I make for dinner" and "let's go to bed".

A Summer, Years Ago (Dudley Dursley, post-war, PG-13)
Dudley hasn't seen Harry in years, hasn't felt the effect of magic in years, but sometimes he still wakes up in the middle of the night and can't move.

there comes a time when you swim or sink (Daphne Greengrass, Battle of Hogwarts, PG)
After seven years of infighting, throughout which the young witches and wizards have been told time and again to be loyal to each other, after years of the demonization of her house, Daphne is tired.

War Terrors (Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley/Harry Potter, post-war, PG-13)
It stings to see things go back to normal so quickly. She wonders if normal is the right word to describe peacetime to a girl who grew up in a war.

grabbing knives by the blades (Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, post-war, PG-13)
Sometimes Ginny grabs knives by their blades, just to see what will happen. To see if bleeding will make her more obvious to her own husband. The times that nothing happens, she moves on like she never played with fire. The times that the knife nicks a cut in her war-hardened skin, she stares at the blood with a fascination that borders on revulsion.

in the shadow of your heart (Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle, post-war, PG-13)
But she can't get rid of him; he is a shadow in her soul, in the dark place where her anger is kept, waiting for her to let him escape.

The Winter of War (Lavender Brown (personal canon), pre-series through Battle of Hogwarts, PG)
Lavender Alina Brown looks nothing like her mother.

From What I've Tasted Of Desire (Lavender Brown/Seamus Finnegan/Parvati Patil, PG-13)
Lavender dreams of apocalypses, and wonders how the world will end.

where's my unhappy ending gone? (Ginny Weasley, post-war, PG-13)
I'm alive, she tells herself. I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive. But she's swinging her fists at the air and inside she feels so empty it's painful.

look at the light through the windowpane (Rose Lalonde/Dave Strider, boarding school AU, PG-13)
They steal these moments together, these increasingly rare seconds of solitude; they take them every night, replacing sleep with the other’s face.

let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together (Dave Strider/Rose Lalonde, boarding school AU, PG-13)
They don’t consult their mother before they leave, or anybody else; they just wake up early one morning, grab bags that have already been packed, and get into the creaky red car their mother bought Rose last year.

might like you better if we slept together (Vriska Serket/Rose Lalonde, PG-13)
They are a tangle of limbs and hair and pronouns, everything the same, everything unseparated.

wish I'd never seen your face (Glimmer/Marvel, PG-13)
When she grabs his hand, she draws blood.

your body is a machine (Clove, Clove/Cato, PG-13)
Her body is a machine, it is not her own; there is no purpose to it other than to kill.

the dice was loaded from the start (Foxface/Thresh, PG-13)
Star-crossed lovers from the same district are bad enough. Star-crossed lovers from two different districts are impossible.

the cave (Foxface/Thresh, PG-13)
“Kill me,” he’d said, and Foxface had gone into the forest and found nightlock and done it. He dies with Katniss’s name on his lips, and then it’s just Foxface and Thresh, alone in a cave with a dead body.

a curse we cannot lift (Ruby/Sheriff, PG-13)
Ruby wants nothing more than to get out of Storybrooke and get out of the woods, but every time she tries, she forgets what she was doing.

New Lands (Regina/Sheriff, PG-13)
You can't relax when you've a small empire to run.

before I saw you (Leslie/Ben, PG)
The picture of Ben Wyatt stays on her wall, but she adds a note, scribbled onto his forehead: You can do better!

Not, Nolan thinks, that he would even really call her a friend; at least, she’d probably never let him call her one.  Just associates, partners in crime, two kids toppling Hamptons royalty together.

you wish I was a fairy tale (Victor Mancha/Rose Red, crossover with Fables, PG-13)
Victor won’t lie, he’s grateful: in the dark, she almost looks like Lillie.

keep holding onto my body below (Derek Hale/Laura Hale, PG-13)
So she’s a ghost, then. Which he thinks at first is ridiculous, but then he remembers he’s a werewolf.